Child Support

Both parents have an obigation to support suppor the minor child(ren). Typically, the residential parent receives a percentage of the non-residential parents net income for child support. The percentage increases based on the number of children. For example, for 1 child, statutory child support is 20% of the obligor’s net income, for 2 children it is 28%, for 3 children it is is 32% etc.  The parites may also request a deviation updwards or downwards.

In addition to child support, the parties may be ordered to contribute towards medical insurance, uncovered medical expenses, daycare, school expenses and extra-curricular activities. The court may also require each party to maintain a life insurance policy and will allocate the income tax exemption between the parties, as appropriate.

Child support may be paid directly, through the Clerk of the Circuit court or through a Notice to Withhold Income for Support, directly from the Employer.

Child support may be modified, either an increase or decrease, upon a substantial change in circumstances. One of the parties must file a Motion with the Court if they seek a modification; it will not be automatically reviewed by the Court.

In addition, either party may file a Petition asking for a contribution towards college.  The court will look at several factors when dividing the costs of same between the parents and the child.


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