Adoptions are now being conducted at the Juvenile Court in Libertyville, IL. An Adoption can be completed as both an uncontested or contested matter.  The case begins by the filing of a Petition for Adoption and personal service upon the parent(s)  If the Adoption is a related Adoption, no home study has to be conducted.  If the matter is agreed, the biological parents must appear in court and execute a termination of parental rights.  Also, a putative father search may need to be conducted if the parties were not married.  If the child is over the age of 14, he/she must consent to the Adoption.  If the Adoption is contested, the Court will conduct a Trial and may terminate parental rights as well as enter a Judgment for Adoption.

Either way, the Court will appoint a Guardian ad Litem to review the case file, meet with the parties and the minor child and execute a Certificate is everything is in Order.  Adoptions are finalized on the first Thursday of each month, in the afternoon.


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